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An illustration from the wizard of oz shows all characters

A quest to the heart of your players: large language models and player community building – part 2

Discover the benefits of integrating large language models in player sentiment analysis and the profound impact they have on enhancing the

A Wizard of Oz inspired scene with a tornado and Emerald city in the background

Not in Kansas Anymore: Large Language Models and Player Community Building – Part 1

LLMs offer their exceptional abilities to assist teams in ensuring the best player community experiences. Learn how!

Sami Rahko, Community Manager at Futureplay

Meet Sami Rahko: Winner of May’s Player Insights Champion Award

Affogata has awarded Sami Rahko the winner of May Player Insights Champion Awards.

5 ways to improve player experience. Game controller

5 Game-Changing Ways to Elevate Player Experience by Empowering Your Players

Amidst the gaming boom, how can companies excel in meeting player expectations and enhancing experiences?

Using AI to analyze player sentiment in gaming. Photo of a robot

Mastering the game: Harnessing AI for powerful player sentiment analysis

How can gaming companies use AI solutions to analyze player sentiment and improve player retention in a rapidly growing player community?

Picture of Sasha Shumovskaya

Meet Sasha Shumovskaya: Winner of April’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Affogata Player Insights Awards recognize game professionals who prioritize player feedback and leverage data to improve their games.

Player feedback in the age of gaming mergers. Keyboard, headphones

Player feedback in the age of gaming mergers

How do gaming companies deal with challenges during mergers and acquisitions, and can AI-driven player feedback analytics platforms assist?

Image of player with purple hair. Image reads "How to create a player community report that kicks a**s

How to create a player feedback report for your studio

How do you create a report that helps you truly represent the voice of the player community for many stakeholders in the studio?

Player Obsessed! How to Build Exceptional Player Experiences and Affogata logo

Player Obsessed! How to build exceptional player experiences

Guests - Itamar Rogel, CPO at Affogata Greg Posner, Director Solution Engineering at Helpshift What is this episode about?

Photo of Emina Cepalocic, Product Communications Manager at Sciplay

Meet Emina Cepalovic: Winner of February’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Affogata Player Insights Awards celebrate professionals who have taken a data-driven approach to enhancing their games through player feedback and who see the voice of the player as a crucial part of the development and optimization of games.

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