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Meet Carlos Moreno Bruzón: Winner of June’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Affogata Player Insights Awards shines a spotlight on individuals who are all about using player feedback and data-driven approaches to make their games even better. They understand how important it is to listen to players and involve them in game development and optimization.


For that reason, we are happy to announce Carlos Moreno Bruzón, the Team Manager of Content & Community at King, as the winner of the June’s Player Insights Champion Awards!

Meet Carlos Moreno Bruzón: Winner of June’s Player Insights Champion Award
Carlos Moreno Bruzón, June’s Winner



🎊 Way to go, Carlos! 🎊 We had a quick chat with him to give you a better insight into his work and background. Here’s what he had to say.


We first asked him to describe his job, and to tell us about his day to day:


I look after a team of experts running our community and help center platforms. No day is the same here! Just looking at team needs, projects ahead and making sure our strategy is aligned with what our players need.

Then we asked Carlos how long has he been working on the player-facing field and what does he like about it?


I love this question! I have been learning about and from players for almost 9 years now. I love the complexity of understanding people (and players, in this case). The many layers that there are to what we like, what we don’t like and how nuanced they are. Feedback from players can be considered simple, but there are so many layers to it. What we like as humans, or why we think we like it is often affected by so many variables that putting player feedback into simple boxes is never an easy job. Resuming what a community likes or dislikes is sometimes an art.


We also asked him if there are any other professionals he admires or learns from and to share who they are:


Lots! I believe we learn from every professional we cross paths with. I’ve been lucky to meet many myself. I would say the people in my team are people I admire and learn from, for sure. Besides them, every manager I have worked with has been always some sort of mentor to me for one thing or another.


We asked Carlos what is the importance of Player Feedback for his role:


Player feedback is very important to what we do! I often say we are a bridge between studios and players. As community experts, it’s our job to provide the studios we work with with player feedback so that it can help them make the best decisions for our games.

Carlos Moreno Bruzón quote

We then asked what was his goal or the problem he was looking to solve with a player analytics platform?


Compilation would be the word that comes to mind. To be able to digest, compile and put in one single place everything our players are saying, no matter where it is. That is a game changing ability for those of us that are, in some way, the translators of what players say about our games.


What was the situation before you started using our tool?


Lots of manual work and processes! It was less efficient, more tedious, and also less accurate, since manual work can often lead to human mistakes happening.

Carlos Moreno Bruzón quote

How do you measure success in your role?


In many ways, to be honest. But if we were to sum it up briefly, we basically look at metrics that confirm that our players are enjoying our games, our games are satisfied with us as a service, and the people in our teams are happy doing what they do. We not only awarded Carlos with June’s Player Insights Champion Award, but we also planted 100 trees 🌳 in his name! He was also sent a certificate highlighting the positive influence he has had on the gaming industry.


Carlos, we deeply appreciate and admire your commitment and passion to your community as well as your work. Thank you for being a leader and for the significant positive impact you have made in your field! 👏 👏