Let the Affogata Customer intelligence platform work for you.

Let your customer's voice guide your roadmap.

Track all feedback

We track real-time data from the open web so you can follow your customers' feedback, conversations, interests and trends.

Analyze the data

Our platform analyses your customers' data and serves it to different teams in your organization as actionable insights.

Improve your product

Better serve your clients and improve your product. Use our reports and analysis to win your market.

Your customer feedback is key for your product. Our customer intelligence platform collects all the conversations around you and serves them to you in real-time. Your decisions just got quicker.

All-in-one platform.

Our service tracks and monitors real-time data from many primary sources including forums, review websites, social media and much more, so that you never miss what your customers say about your product.

Analysis is key to understanding your customers' voice.

We analyze structured (Quantitative) as well as unstructured (Qualitative) data so you get the full and comprehensive picture of what your customers think about you.

Insights tailored to meet your needs.

Every stakeholder within your organization can get access to data, analysis and reports that are of relevance and importance to them. Each department can extract specific data points which are tailored exclusively for its needs and wants. 

React but also be proactive.

Affogata's customers' feedback analysis and insights let you both immediately react to anything that happens through the platform while also enabling you to make proactive and innovative decisions ahead of your competition.