Your new Chief Player Officer is here.

Leverage your player feedback and make games that win the market.

Reduce churn and increase player retention.

Know what to develop and prioritize in real-time. Your decisions just got quicker.

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Track all feedback

Combine your internal player data with open web player feedback from Discord, Reddit, Vanilla, Steam, App review sites and more.

2  —

Understand it

Our platform analyses the combined data and serves it to your teams as real-time actionable insights that speed up decisions.

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Improve your games

Better serve your players by implementing the changes they need. Use our reports and analysis to win your market.

All-in-one platform.

No more manual work. No more data scattered throughout your studio. No more analyst time waste.

Let your players take a sit on the decision-making table so your games always win.

Ask a question we'll find the answer in your player's feedback.

We analyze structured (Quantitative) as well as unstructured (Qualitative) data so you get the full and comprehensive picture of what your players think about any feature, release, game, level, token, topic and more.

Decide how data is served to different teams in your studio.

Every stakeholder within your studio can get access to data, analysis, and reports that are of relevance and importance to them. Each department can extract specific data points which are tailored exclusively for what they want and need.

Don't sit back and watch them talk. Be proactive.

Our players' feedback analysis platform allows you to act on every feedback data point in real-time, that way your teams can ask the right questions to your audience and make innovative decisions ahead of your competition.