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Affogata is the secret weapon all major studios use to make the best games.


Superior sentiment accuracy

Affogata's proprietary gaming-centric Sentiment engine is built to extract accurate sentiment for gamer-lingo, sarcasm and more. Complaining of inaccurate sentiment analysis will be off the table. What will you do with all that free time?

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AI-Driven Player Feedback Analyst

Affogata Helper, our AI-Driven Analyst, uses cutting-edge Language processing and LLMs technologies to arrive quickly at the information that really moves the needle. You won't have to manually search through your player community feedback to create your reports. How about teaching your fish to speak as a new hobby?

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Comprehensive Data Collection

Affogata brings together all player feedback sources into one powerful dashboard for easy analysis and understanding. Forget those afternoons sifting through player data from your community and your ticketing systems. So much free time on your hands can feel like a burden.

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Recent Blogs


Rambhatla Dhananjay Kumar

Player experience Manager at Scopely

Wooga Logo

headshot of the winner of April- April laws

April Laws

Lead Social Media & Community Manager at Wooga

headshot of the winner of February Champion Award -Claudia Pons

Claudia Pons

Community Manager of Monopoly GO! at Scopely

Explore Jeff Parsley's journey as the February Player Insights Champion, recognized by Affogata for his data-driven approach to game improvement through player feedback.

headshot of the winner of Jan Champion Award -Jeff Parsley

Jeff Parsley

Global Community Manager of EA Sports

The image shows the certificate of Champion Award Player of the November

Lilian McDowell

CRM Manager at Sciplay

Explore Oyku Kural's journey as the October Player Insights Champion, recognized by Affogata for her data-driven approach to game improvement through player feedback. Gain insights into the role of player input and its impact on community growth, content, and environmental initiatives.

headshot of this month champion Oyku Kural

Oyku Kural

Community Manager at Supercell

Discover what leads to sunsetting of a game with Alysia Sanders from Kongregate in our newest episode of Let's Talk Player Feedback (Season 4, Episode 37).

Sunsetting a Game and the Impact on the comunity

Alysia Sanders

Live Ops Manager at Kongregate

Affogata's Player Insights Awards honor leaders committed to data-driven game improvement through player feedback.

Photo of Jens Schirmer, September's Player Insights Champion

Jens Schirmer

Senior Community Manager at Scopley

Meet Jeff Braddock, EA's Global Community Manager for skate., recognized for leveraging player insights to elevate game development.

Jeff Braddock, August's Player Insights Winner

Jeff Braddock

Global Community Manager of skate at EA

Join us in this insightful episode of Let's Talk Player Feedback (Season 4, Episode 36) as we delve deep into the world of video game communities with special guest Alysia Sanders from Kongregate.

Alysia Sanders from Kongregate

Alysia Sanders

Live Ops Manager at Kongregate

Affogata helps our studio to back up theories or thesis regarding features in our game. Ever since starting to use Affogata's platform, we have been able to find more accuracy in the feedback collected. It has also made my job easier, by communicating to our teams what players are saying and drilling down on what they are experiencing.

Muriel, Community & CRM Lead


Affogata as a product allows for a lot of granularity, really allowing you to zoom in on the roots of the overall sentiment score! It's also backed up by a great team who have been immensely supportive. I'm using Affogata to get data-driven quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insights for our product teams. It now forms the core of our sentiment analysis.

Richard, Head of Customer Care


We wanted to be able to confidently compare the feedback we receive between Community, Social Media and Player Experience. [...] and a need to back up the feedback we shared with some numbers, or a scale of urgency. Affogata allows us to go through the communities, social media platforms and reviews much more efficiently and with greater detail. It helps us keep our fingers on the pulse, but also take deep dives into specific topics with much less effort.

Sami, Community Manager

future play

Affogata is one of the few tools we've found in the market that actually provides insights into Discord & Facebook Groups. Several features make it easy to look into specific topics and understand what's the sentiment around them. The ability to create alerts is incredibly useful. It helped us get rid of some biases regarding our users' sentiment toward specific topics.

Fernando, Communications and Community Senior Manager

wild life

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