Discover what drives your ideal customer

Harness the power of big open data to discover business opportunities, see your brand in the eyes of your users, and stay one step ahead of the competition. 

We take heaps of public, social and  internal data and turn it into insights

Tune into your customer mind

Tap into customer preferences by understanding their sentiment and what is important to them.

Spot influencers and see how they drive conversations; drill down to see which ones influence more strongly.

See the real picture of the people involved in your ecosystem

Watch every competitor move

Track keywords and sentiment for your competitors

Get alerted on sentiment changes throughout your market sphere

Reduce churn by understanding your competitive advantage

Delight your users and community

Ship better products by identifying what your users are looking for

Analyze reviews on all platforms in the broader context of user sentiment

Connect with customers on any platform from within Affogata

Protect your brand reputation

Block bots and spammers cramping your brand with Affogata's smart automated AI moderation

Prevent potential crises by early flagging of negative topics 

 Designed to bring value across the entire organization 

Strategy & Product

Spot your product weak-spots and see market trends as they unfold before the  competition

Marketing & Comms

X-ray your brand sentiment, identify marketing opportunities and lead the conversation

Community & CX

Spot influencers, provide unparalleled customer SLA and eliminate spammers on the web and social

 It’s time to upgrade from social listening to customer intelligence