Level up your game with real-time customer insights. 

Optimize your digital customer journey by analyzing user interactions and identifying customer needs.

An AI-driven platform that gives you consumer insights in minutes.

Affogata tracks real-time customer feedback from the open web and internal sources and turns it into actionable insights for more data-driven product decisions. 

Gain market and competitive insights.

We provide automated tracking of competitor keywords and brand sentiment so you always stay ahead in the market. React fast to emerging industry trends from what your customers or competitors are talking about.

Optimize your customer experience.

Affogata tracks and measures user reactions to new features, new product releases and UI changes instantly and efficiently for early interventions and better product roadmap planning.

Affogata is your single source of customer voice truth.

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Affogata can track the most critical channels we need. Very few track Discord and Public Facebook groups that you run. Its live searches that all have a Dashboard view, are very efficient to dig into a topic and see how it is evolving. The UI is intuitive and the team is excellent, we have fantastic support and regularly have calls to discuss our specific needs.



Affogata as a product allows for a lot of granularity, really allowing you to zoom in on the roots of the overall sentiment score! It's also backed up by a great team who have been immensely supportive. I'm using Affogata to get data-driven quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insights for our product teams. It now forms the core of our sentiment analysis.



Affogata is one of the few tools we've found in the market that actually provides insights into Discord & Facebook Groups. Several features make it easy to look into specific topics and understand what's the sentiment around them. The ability to create alerts is incredibly useful.  It helped us get rid of some biases regarding our users' sentiment towards specific topics



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