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Transform any data source into actionable insights on market trends, sentiment and competitors.

Powered by millions of data points.

Get comprehensive data on your customers, so you know what’s happening - across channels.  From the open web to your internal CRM, you’ll always be on top of what customers say, wherever they are.

Learn what customers are searching for, so you have a better picture of preferences and trends. No more guessing about keywords or search terms - you’ll know exactly what people are looking for.

Gain the ability to do customer segmentation the smart way. Spot influencers early and understand their reach, so you can allocate resources effectively.

Gain insights about competitors.

We provide automated tracking of competitor keywords and sentiment, so you don’t have to guess what you’re up against. Now you have the data to make smart, informed decisions.

Be always in the know and receive alerts about relevant sentiment changes, for quick action in an ever changing marketplace.

Get actionable insights to help reduce churn, allowing different departments to work together and guarantee customer success.

It’s your community, own it!

When you know what your customers are really searching for, you can make the necessary product changes, providing a delightful user experience for all.

Connect and engage with customers and users across all channels, wherever they are - all through one platform. Real time feed can help you know when to respond, and provide the best level of service.

Keep track of reviews to make sure you’re making the best impression, always.

Protect your reputation.

Control your messaging by removing bots and spammers with automated, smart AI moderation.

Avoid a potential crisis with the ability to flag any negative topics - early and effectively.

Never miss a mention.

Eliminate FOMO: participate in any conversation, in real-time. No more catching up to see what you might have missed. You’ll know what’s going on when it’s happening, so you can control the chatter.

Monitor all sources, including social media sites, online communities, and internal systems - all from a single platform.

Respond in real time. Whether you want to scale moderation or provide better SLA using automated smart routing rules, Affogata’s auto-rule will allow you to be agile, at scale.

An Airbnb Story: Bot Attacks or Organic Outbursts of Outrage?

In the post-Cambridge Analytica scandal era, identifying and defusing fake news attacks on a person or a brand is becoming increasingly critical.

Network of Bots Seeding Fake News Among Israeli Journalists

On November 13th, the Israeli daily Haaretz published an article exposing a sophisticated operation to spread sensational, fictitious information among a group of prominent Israeli journalists.

From our blog.

Stories and claims of “fake news” are everywhere as we enter the 2020 election cycle. However, politicians are not the only ones who need to prepare for false or misleading information being spread on the internet. Brands need to be aware that they too can be victims of “fake news” attacks

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