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Meet Rambhatla Dhananjay Kumar, Winner of June’s Player Insights Champion Award!

The Affogata Player Insights Awards spotlight the creative minds who use player feedback to enhance their games with a data-driven approach. These prestigious awards honor individuals who embody collaboration between developers and players, recognizing the pivotal role of player input in shaping and refining gaming experiences.

Who better represents the spirit of June than Dhananjay Kumar (DJ), the  Player Experience Manager of Bingo Bash at Scopely? His exceptional dedication and remarkable contributions have earned him the June Player Insights Champion Award by Affogata!

Headshot of the winner of June, Rambhatla-Dhananjay-Kumar (DJ)




So, let’s delve into the role of a DJ. Could you provide us with a glimpse into your day-to-day activities and share some insights about your job?


From Managing the queues to scrums to Data analysis. Considering the operational challenges, our day starts with analyzing the data of the previous days, following up on the issues reported by the players, and ensuring to provide end-to-end resolution to the players. 


We were curious to know how long you’ve been working in the player-facing field and what makes it rewarding for you?


More than a decade of experience in the player/customer-facing field of Customer Experience. The best part about my job is to learn new things everyday and strategize to implement the same within our ecosystem to improve the player experience. 


Your dedication to continuously learning and improving the player experience is truly inspiring for us. We’re curious to hear which professionals in the field inspire you, especially given your experiences as Manager of Player Experience?


I am inspired by the leadership team of the Bingo Bash & Max division. Wilhelm Taht, Srivatsa & Srikanth


How important is Player Feedback for your role?


This is our job. To gather player insights from the players and address them. We as Bingo Bash PX [Players experience] team mainly rely on the Player insights. This helps us to improve the overall game and improve the experience for our players. 



The quote says: With AI helper in Affogata we don't even have to go thru the data manually. AI helper gives you the top insights of any event or feature that goes live within the product.


So… we’ve heard that you’re an Affogata user! 😊 What makes you choose Affogata?


One stop shop for all the player insights across all platforms.


What was it like before you used the Affogata tool?


We were dependent on multiple platforms to gather the feedbacks from the players. It also includes a lot of latency in the data and a tedious job for anyone working on the data and player insights. With AI helper in Affogata we don’t even have to go thru the data manually. AI helper gives you the top insights of any event or feature that goes live within the product.


Why use a Player Analytics Platform in the first place?


Gather all the player insights in one dashboard and share it with different stakeholders within the Product/Tech teams to act quickly on it.


In what ways did it contribute to your team achieving the goal or resolving the issue?


Well, Affogata has helped achieve our goal to develop the Player Sentiment dashboard which has been helpful for not only the Player Experience team but to other functions like Product, Live ops and Technology to track the player.


How do you measure success?


Success from Affogata can’t be measured immediately as this is more of a Insights dashboard that comes from players within the game. However, it can still be measured from the TAT for implementing the players feedback within the game. 


How did it personally impact you?


Reduced a lot of manual work and dependency on other teams.


DJ, thank you for being the recipient of June’s Player Insights Champion Award from Affogata!


Not only is DJ being acknowledged for his diligent utilization of data and player feedback to improve his games and prioritize player needs, but he is also receiving a significant and enduring reward. As part of this recognition, Affogata has planted 100 trees 🌳🌳🌳🌳 in his name to offset his environmental impact and will also present him with a certificate detailing the positive impact of his actions. We express our gratitude to DJ for his exceptional contributions!