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Meet Oyku Kural: Winner of October’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Affogata Player Insights Awards celebrates professionals who leverage player feedback to improve their games through a data-driven approach. These awards recognize individuals who acknowledge the critical role of the player’s voice in game development and optimization.

For this reason, Affogata has recognized Oyku Kural, Community Manager at Supercell as the winner of the October’s Player Insights Champion Award!


headshot of this month champion Oyku Kural
Oyku Kural, October

Congratulations, Oyku! 🎊⭐️ To help you get to know our October Player Insights Champion better, we had the pleasure of conducting a short interview with her. Here’s what she shared with us:

We first asked her to describe her job and to tell us a bit more about how her day-to-day is:

I ware many hats during my day-to-day job. As a community manager, my main responsibility is to connect with players, address their concerns, create engaging content, and collect player feedback for game improvements. I also work with our content creators and external partners to create the best experience for our players. My day-to-day involves managing online platforms, fostering discussions, and collaborating with the development team. Also, I involve in video production, marketing campaigns.

Then we asked Oyku how long she has been working in the player-facing field and what does she like about it?

I’ve worked in player-facing roles for 10 years and I am a gamer for more than 25 years. I enjoy the direct interaction with players and the impact we have on their gaming experience. A challenging experience might be filtering thousands of player interactions daily and transfer them into actionable suggestions for the game team.

Then, we asked her if there are any other professionals she particularly admires or learns from and who they are:

I admire Steve Jobs for his business acumen, Joss Whedon for his storytelling skills, Da Vinci for his innovative thinking, and, of course, the community team I work with right now – a smart, genuine, and passionate group of players. They inspire me every day.

We asked Oyku what is the importance of Player Feedback for her role:

Player feedback is crucial as it provides insights into player needs and pain points, driving game improvements and fostering community trust. Player feedback is everything!

What was your goal or the problem you were looking to solve with a player analytics platform?

Our goal was to gain deeper insights into player behavior and preferences, enhancing our decision-making process for community engagement and game updates.

What was the situation before you started using our tool?

Prior to the tool, we relied on anecdotal feedback, limiting our data-informed decisions. We missed opportunities for game and community improvement.

How did it help your team reach the goal or solve the problem?

Affogata provided real-time player data, enabling data-driven decisions for better community engagement, content, and game updates.

How do you measure success in your role?

Success is measured through player satisfaction surveys, retention rates, community growth, and positive feedback sentiment, all of which contribute to an enhanced player experience. I’m especially pleased that at Affogata, we can now utilize sentiment scores to evaluate even the less quantifiable aspects.

As the winner of the October’s Player Insights Champion Award from Affogata, Oyku Kural is not only being recognized for her diligent use of data and player feedback to enhance her games and prioritize player needs but also being rewarded with a significant and long-lasting reward. As part of this honor, Affogata has planted 100 trees 🌳 in her name to counterbalance her environmental impact and will also provide her with a certificate outlining the positive influence of her actions.

Oyku, your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated, and you continue to inspire others in the industry 🚀. Thank you for being a role model and making a positive impact in your field.