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Meet Claudia Pons, Winner of February’s Player Insights Champion Award!

The Affogata Player Insights Awards highlight professionals who leverage player feedback to enhance their games using a data-driven approach. These awards commend individuals who recognize the crucial role of player input in game development and optimization.

That’s why Claudia Pons, the Community Manager of Monopoly GO! at Scopely, has been honored as the winner of the February Player Insights Champion Award by Affogata!

headshot of the winner of February Champion Award -Claudia Pons


With that said, let’s start getting to know Claudia. Could you please describe your job for us and give us an insight into what your day-to-day looks like?


Managing the “MONOPOLY GO!” community of over 24M members keeps my days packed. My day-to-day goes from crafting Facebook Group strategies and curating content to unveiling exciting new features and reporting on feedback from our players. My role as Community Manager is a blend of creativity and analytics. 


The quote says: A fun fact about my path as a “MONOPOLY GO!” Community Manager was when I wanted to trade some stickers with the community and went viral with over 1,000 friends in “MONOPOLY GO!”


We were curious to know how long you’ve been working in the player-facing field and what makes it rewarding for you?


My journey in frontline Community Management spans over five years. Joining Scopely in June 2023 was a milestone, and I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunity. A fun fact about my path as a “MONOPOLY GO!” Community Manager was when I wanted to trade some stickers with the community and went viral with over 1,000 friends in “MONOPOLY GO!” Now, I can’t go to sleep without shields because my buildings will be constantly shut down (I still love you, Tycoons!)


That’s really amazing! We’re curious to hear if there are any other professionals in the field who inspire you, especially given your unique journey and experiences in community management?


Oh, indeed! Jose Fonseca is our Discord Master. We embarked on our Scopely journey together, and her mentorship has been invaluable.

Additionally, I spent a few years working with Codin Manolescu, a former Community Moderator- now a Community Manager – whose dedication and professionalism left an incredible mark on my professional growth.


We’re curious about how it guides your work. How important is Player Feedback for your role?


Player Feedback is at the top! As a Community expert, my role is to be the bridge between our amazing studio team and the community. It’s my duty to distill insightful feedback and translate it into actionable insights.


So… we’ve heard that you’re an Affogata user! 😊 What makes you choose Affogata?


Affogata isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer for our Community Team! My passion for the tool knows no bounds! Affogata empowers us to navigate the seas of community engagement, from listening to what the community is talking about to moderating comments and understanding players’ sentiments.


The quote says: Affogata isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for our Community Team! My passion for the tool knows no bounds!


What was it like before you used the Affogata tool?


“MONOPOLY GO!” has seen massive growth since its launch, and our Community Team at Scopely has grown alongside our players. After insightful meetings with Ross (Affogata’s Customer Success Manager) and digging into Affogata’s arsenal, I crafted and built efficient dashboards to be more reactive to players’ feedback.


Why use a Player Analytics Platform in the first place?


With a vast constantly growing community, you face many challenges. Affogata stepped in as our stalwart ally, aiding us in identifying engagement hotspots and refining the “MONOPOLY GO!” Experience.


Wow, it’s really exciting to learn about your experience! Could you share with us how you measure success?


Success, to me, is measured in many ways. Yet, at its core, it manifests as a healthy and happy community deeply engaged in our game and social platforms.


How did it personally impact you?


Personally, integrating Affogata into our workflow was a game-changer. It not only made my job as a Community Manager more manageable by providing me with actionable data but also empowered me to make more informed decisions that directly benefited our players. It’s incredibly satisfying to see the positive impact it has had on our community and the game as a whole.


Claudia, thank you for being the recipient of the February’s Player Insights Champion Award from Affogata!


Not only is Claudia being acknowledged for her diligent utilization of data and player feedback to improve her games and prioritize player needs, but she is also receiving a significant and enduring reward. As part of this recognition, Affogata has planted 100 trees 🌳 in her name to offset her environmental impact and will also present her with a certificate detailing the positive impact of her actions. We express our gratitude to Claudia for her exceptional contributions!