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Meet the Winner of November Player Insights Champion Award, Lilian McDowell!

Meet the Winner of November Player Insights Champion Award, Lilian McDowell!

At Affogata, we are pleased to introduce the ‘Player Insights Champion Awards’ and recognize members of the games industry who have shown exceptional success in using player insights analytics to drive business value, growth, and innovation.


This month we’re proud to recognize a player insights professional who exemplifies all that is good about the field. We are pleased to announce that Affogata has chosen Lilian McDowell as its November “Player Insights Champion.” Bravo Lilian! for her significant contributions to the games industry and how she puts the voice of the players in the center of the organization.


So without further ado, let’s start with getting to know Lilian by understanding her job and what her day-to-day looks like:


“As the CRM Manager for Jackpot Party, my day begins with a daily messaging check to make sure the day will run smoothly. I will then check our Live Ops calendar and make sure messaging and art is ready for the upcoming events in-game.”


We continued by asking Lilian how long she has been working in the player-facing field and what’s her favorite thing about it:


“I come from an e-commerce background and have only been working in the gaming industry since August 2023.”


When we asked Lilian if there are any other professionals in the field that she particularly admires, or that she has learned a lot from, this was her answer:


“My manager, Emina Cepalovic, is my ultimate inspiration. She manages to thrive in chaos and keep a cool head. She never gives anything less than 100% and is a superstar in our department.”


Next, when asked about the importance of Player Feedback in her organization, she answered:

The quote says: “Player feedback is incredibly important in my role. Feedback from players lets me gauge how well I’m doing my job and things I need to work on. ”


And what does Lilian like most of all using Affogata?


“It would be impossible to read through all of the comments we receive and gauge an accurate tone of how players are feeling about the game without Affogata. The ability to aggregate all of our social media sentiments gives us real-time feedback on how they’re enjoying the game.”


The quote says: “There was no analytical way of reporting on players sentiment without an extremely time consuming Excel sheet. Affogata saves us countless hours of work.”


Besides eternal glory in the hall of fame of Affogata’s Player Insights Champion Awards, you might be wondering what the prize is. We wanted the prize to be meaningful and long-lasting, so we planted 100 trees 🌳 in Lilian’s name and sent her a certificate showing exactly how his eco-impact is making a difference.


Thank you, Lilian and congratulations! Your work inspires us and many other pros out there🔥