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Meet Muriel Goldstein: Winner of July’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Affogata Player Insights Awards celebrate professionals who have taken a data-driven approach to enhancing their games through player feedback and who see the voice of the player as a crucial part of the development and optimization of games.


For that reason, we are happy to announce Muriel Goldstein, Community & CRM Lead at PLAYSTUDIOS, as the winner of the July’s Player Insights Champion Awards!

Meet Muriel Goldstein: Winner of July’s Player Insights Champion Award
Muriel Goldstein, July’s Winner



Congratulations Muriel! ⭐️👏 We did a short interview with Muriel so you get to know her and her work better, and this is what she told us.


We first asked her to describe her job and to tell us a bit more about how her day to day is:


As the CRM Lead for Playstudios, my days are a rollercoaster of player insights, team coordination, and strategic decisions. No two days are alike, and that’s what keeps it exciting!


Then we asked Muriel how long has she been working on the player-facing field and what does she like about it?


I’ve been diving into players’ minds for over a decade. The complexity of understanding their preferences is like solving a puzzle, and I love every bit of it!


Are there any other professionals you particularly admire or learn from? Can you share who they are?


My team members are my heroes! Learning from them and their diverse expertise is an ongoing inspiration. Also, every manager I’ve had has played a mentorship role in shaping my approach to this field.

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We asked Muriel what’s the importance of Player Feedback for her role:


Player feedback is our secret sauce! It helps us fine-tune our games and deliver an experience players can’t resist.

What was your goal or the problem you were looking to solve with a player analytics platform, like Affogata?


Before the platform, feedback management was a wild ride – time-consuming and error-prone. We needed a smoother way to analyze and make data-driven decisions.

What was the situation before you started using our tool?


Chaotic! Manual work led to headaches and inefficiency. We needed a superhero tool to save the day! How did it help your team reach the goal or solve the problem?


Affogata swooped in, saving us time, improving accuracy, and giving us a clear view of player sentiments. A true game-changer!

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How do you measure success in your role?

For me, success is all about happy players, thriving campaigns, and a team that’s passionate about what we do. When players are engaged and delighted, and our team is motivated and productive, I know we’re on the right track to achieving our goals. It’s a winning combination that drives our continuous improvement and success in the player-facing field.


As the winner of the July’s Player Insights Champion Award from Affogata, Muriel Goldstein not only receives the honor of being recognized for her efforts in using data and player feedback to improve her games and prioritize the needs of her players, but she also receives a meaningful and lasting prize. In her name, Affogata has planted 100 trees 🌳 to offset her eco-impact and will provide her with a certificate showing the positive impact of her actions.


Thank you, Muriel, for your amazing work and inspiration to others in the industry 🚀