How Affogata helps Playstudios bring player feedback to product-shaping teams.

Playstudios achieved a deep understanding of player sentiment and engagement drivers for further game optimization.

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The visionary social gaming company Playstudios uses Affogata to receive full coverage and analysis of their players’ feedback. A special focus has been given to Pop! Slots, a multiplayer mobile game that allows players to play in groups, share jackpots and interact with other friends as they explore virtual versions of iconic Las Vegas resorts. As Pop! Slots became the top trending Android game in the US in recent years, Playstudios wanted to take a deeper dive into their players’ feedback about the game, and evaluate how to further improve its many fun features. We recently had the pleasure of discussing Playstudios’ take on player feedback management with Muriel Goldstein, their Community and CRM Lead.

How Playstudios discovered the players' voice behind the data.

The “why” behind the “what.” Throughout different departments in the company, the bottom line figures tell the quantifiable picture of how a game is doing. Playstudios management tracks a range of key performance indicators that include play time, frequency of play, chip purchases, and the performance of unique, in-game extras. While the data reveals a lot about game performance, real player feedback and sentiment, captured in real-time, tells the most complete story of how a game is doing.

It is giving a human voice to the data, and we, as a data-driven company, are looking to find insights behind the numbers.

Affogata’s most recent player sentiment report correlates strongly with both performance data and player feedback online. In a way, it is a validation of the numbers, providing the “why” (reasons) behind the “what” (numbers). Analysis of player feedback and sentiment tells the players’ human story of what they think and feel about Pop! Slots. Real-time AI-powered player insights Through the use of AI-powered data analysis, Playstudios has been able to track and understand Pop! Slots player feedback from all over the open web.

Affogata helps our studio to corroborate our theories and assumptions regarding features in our game. Since we began using Affogata's platform, we have greater confidence in the accuracy of both player feedback and in our own insights.

Analysis of real-time player feedback enables companies to pinpoint what works and what does not in the game app as reported by the players. Such data is unbiased since all it does is collect what players are already discussing, without asking or directing them on how to respond. Therefore, the authentic player voice is represented, telling companies in real-time how their product efforts are being perceived and received. Turning the data into actionable insights for game improvements More than “player-focused,” Playstudios is player-obsessed, and the company invests heavily in providing the best player experience. Affogata’s player sentiment deep dive is a reflection of this commitment. It illuminates player pain points and enables Playstudios to determine and prioritize the actions that must be taken to improve the game on several fronts.

The data was really insightful, and there are several actions we can easily implement to increase positive sentiment.

Future actions into increasing player stickiness and increasing player positive sentiment In the last few months, many layers of features and mini-games were added to Pop! Slots, all taking place simultaneously inside the game. That exposes each player to a variety of options and affects its gameplay. With Affogata’s player feedback analysis on each feature, Playstudios will be able to optimize its game according to its players’ needs and interests.

Categorization of player feedback

Affogata provided a deep sentiment analysis per feature. Playstudios then decided to classify feedback by theme and not necessarily by feature, for a more efficient decision-making process of iteration and optimization.

Prioritization by volume

Another insight is to prioritize the feedback actions and assign urgent responses to the issues that garnered the highest volume of player comments. In doing so, Playstudios can address the most time-sensitive issues first, or those that are of a scale that will “move the needle” most.

Changes for reducing churn

With a complete analysis of what players feel and think about the game, Playstudios has created a product roadmap that will optimize its game by putting the players’ voice at the center of the game, thereby reducing churn, among the company’s top priorities.

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Why Affogata

“It is a great implementation,” concludes Muriel, “while we don’t necessarily have benchmark points to compare feedback volume, Affogata has established our baseline for player feedback, one against we will be able to measure game performance going forward.” By giving a human voice to the data, Playstudios will be able to improve its already very successful Pop! Slots and make it even more fun and engaging for players, therefore retaining more players and creating even more game stickiness.

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