Affogata optimizes customer experience at an online marketplace.

Tracks the open web to know exactly what customers care about, how they perceive their company vs. their competitors.

The challenge: The company’s competitor’s brand reputation score and brand sentiment surged

Affogata calculates its Brand Reputation Score by measuring how your company’s products and services are perceived across the open Web, including reviews left on review sites and social media, as well as by assessing internal company data and customer support tickets. The score is based on the sentiment and volume of brand mentions, both direct and indirect. The online marketplace maintains a high and steady brand reputation score across the year. The company puts great emphasis and attention on customer experience and customer satisfaction. The brand continuously uses Affogata to verify their brand reputation score, the sentiment, and follow trending topics and keywords their customers are mentioning to steadily optimize. For the freelance service marketplace, the voice of their customer is crucial for any decision-making, and continually tracking it is essential for the brand. In May 2021, the company’s team noticed a significant sharp increase in their competitor’s brand reputation score and have seen how the score has remained high for the last months. The team understands that knowing who your competitors are and what they are offering, can help you make your products, services, and marketing efforts stand out. Once they perceived a peak in their competitor’s sentiment, the online marketplace wanted to gain full visibility to the competitor’s activity across the open web so they could stay one step ahead at any given time.

The solution: turning unstructured customer feedback into actionable insights.

Track competitor’s marketing and branding efforts

The freelance service marketplace has found that with Affogata, they can learn everything about their competitors' performance and get hundreds of insights for a competitive edge. When analyzing their competition, the company was able to easily identify their competitor’s positive sentiment rising up in real-time. The company reached out to the Affogata team immediately and requested help to dig deeper and truly understand where the peak was deriving from. When analyzing the brand’s competition, Affogata remarked how their competition had a significant sharp increase mainly due to the launch of a new product. Around the product launch, the company’s competitor generated substantial PR buzz around the launch, with the creation of videos, interviews with their CEO, interviews in major publications, and more. All those efforts resulted in high engagement, several positive reviews, and over a million video views, which culminated in a surge in their brand reputation score.

Discover the voice of your customers

As the online marketplace is constantly trying to improve and optimize its services and marketing campaigns to provide optimal customer experience, it is essential for them to rely on the voice of their customers. The company understands how listening to your customers is about having conversations and about understanding what they are saying when you’re not in the room. In this regard, the company utilizes Affogata to analyze everything being said about the brand, directly and indirectly. Affogata helps their teams to actually listen to their customers' voices online and gain insights about what they really care about - from general topics, down to very specific questions. When analyzing this specific situation, the Affogata team also identified customer friction points related to the company through thousands of conversations from the open web. Affogata’s AI was able to discover customers' feedback and understand the challenges they encounter when using your platform. The freelance service marketplace was remarkably open to listening to negative feedback and it is constantly trying to optimize to excel in customer success.

Understand your customers’ needs and wants ​

Contented with Affogata’s platform and the actionable insights it provides, the company is continually utilizing it to understand its customers’ needs and wants that enables them to find current gaps in the market, trending topics, keywords, and more. Affogata’s AI empowers the company to constantly track and uncover their audience's needs and discover new trends before any of their competitors. This way the brand is able to uncover market opportunities and customers' needs that are not being met, through an easily digestible analysis of millions of data points extracted from conversations related to the company. The online marketplace has found how Affogata’s platform identifies potential growth insights for them to act upon. Moving forward, the brand will continue outlining the platform to get instant visibility around their brand, by tracking millions of conversations from the open web in real-time.

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