Bring the power of your player's feedback to the center of your studio.

Affogata's AI-Driven Player Feedback Analytics Platform helps you understand and report how your player community feels about your games. Leverage the power of your community to make decisions that move the needle.

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Use real-time player sentiment analysis to understand the why behind the what.

Stay on top of your community's feedback in real-time. Understand what your players are feeling about your games, live-ops, new characters, tokens… basically anything. Create world class reports that help your team spread the voice of your player community within your studio.

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We're proud to serve the world's #1 studios. We're built for games.


Real-time player feedback collection and analysis to improve your product and increase stickiness.


Powerful AI with superior sentiment analysis trained on +10K customer's games.


Quickly discover potential problems with our alerts for better crisis management.


Analyze what your competitors are doing right and how their players are reacting.

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