Affogata works for Game Studios.

Introducing a new kind of customer.

Gamers are not your typical crowd. You don’t meet them in focus groups, they don’t fit a specific demographic niche, and they can’t be narrowed down to wallet share.

Affogata allows you to listen and connect with all gamers, regardless of their demographic or geography.

Listening is hard.

You need to be present across the board - Discord, app reviews, social networks and customer forums. Plus, managing multiple brands and games makes it harder to track it all.

Affogata keeps you plugged into all social channels, Zendesk, app stores and Discord, so you’re part of the conversation - wherever it’s happening.

Community is everything.

From AAA Games studios and Indy, from Casual to FPS, a vibrant and engaged community is essential to retain player loyalty and optimize your game according to its needs.  How well are you connected to your players?

Affogata’s built-in Response feature allows you to connect in real-time with any social interaction and respond and categorize it, so nothing’s left unattended.

Multi-brand support

Manage multiple brands under one account and eliminate silos.

Unique Discord bot

Add Affogata’s bot to your 
Discord Channel.

Scalable moderation

Easily moderate your social ads
and channels to avoid spammers 
and trolls.

Constant feedback

Set specific keywords and terms, and collect feedback from your community in real-time.

CX channels coverage

Connect Zendesk, Wix Answers and Vanilla forums to compliment your social channels.

Advanced sentiment analysis

Gamers have unique jargon, while popular games can have generic names. Affogata’s advanced NLP captures and makes sense of this unique language.

Connect with your community on Discord, Reddit and social media.

The gaming industry is expected to reach $256B by 2025. 
Are you equipped to capitalize on this huge segment?

Marketing managers

Moderate your ads and monitor your reputation.

Community leaders

Connect with your community, everywhere.

Game analysts

Add a layer of sentiment to your conversion and usage metrics.

Affogata fits every role.