Affogata's player insights platform
improves your game experience.

Make better games with our powerful AI insights.

Learn from your player's feedback and improve your games faster than ever before.

What your players talk about will determine your next moves.

With Affogata

Our sentiment analysis, comprehensive data reports and highlights will enable you to take better actions regarding your product.

At times of crisis, our data will help you adjust better and fix things quicker.

Without Affogata 

Should a crisis arise in any of your games, you may miss the action and responses occurring at some of the platforms. 

With Affogata

When a crisis occurs, such as a tech or design failure, our platform immediately shows you how your players respond from everywhere on the net, enabling you to solve faster and fix quicker.

Get the latest insights plus our amazing CS team can help too!

Without Affogata

You might risk losing important information about what your customers are saying about your products and brand. 

With Affogata

Our platform issues full data analysis covering customers’ data from all over the web. In addition, our Customer Success team is always ready to assist you in further understanding your customers’ feedback.

With Affogata

Collect and manage in real-time all of your responses to each and every complaint from any platform all in one place.

Manage all of your players' complaints in real-time from one platform.

Without Affogata  

Your customers complain on many different platforms but you may risk losing some of their comments found on different websites and forums. 

Without Affogata 

With no true data analysis of your players’ feedback, deciding on your next gaming move may become more difficult. 

Grow your product and improve your services with Affogata.

Powerful AI with superior sentiment analysis trained on +10K customer's games

Working with the top studios in the industry makes us proud, but also make us better. Our AI is trained daily on over 10,000 customer games and their players feedback. Affogata works fast and makes sure you don't miss your players' real-time talk and sentiment. We dive into your players' forums and grab their reactions so that you can discover your next big revenue features.

Quickly discover potential problems with our alerts for a better crisis management.

Nobody likes bugs, especially your players who want their games to move smoothly. A tech or a design crisis may arise if you don't find problems quickly and fix them immediately. Sometimes your QA and testing does not cover all potential problems but you track them via our special alerts regarding your players' reactions and complaints. Let us save you precious time and effort in handling such  potential crises.  

Analyze what your competitors are doing right and how their players are reacting.

In the extremely competitive gaming industry, maintaining players' loyalty and retention is always a challenge. Your competition never rests and so is our platform in tracking for you what the other gaming companies are doing. Follow the talk about your rivals and gain better perspectives about your market challenges and opportunities. 

Real-time player feedback collection and analysis to improve your product and increase stickiness.

Follow whatever your players say about your games and features on  Reddit, Discord, social media, Vanilla forums and many other channels. React in real-time to their comments from one place, then use our feedback analysis to fix issues and improve your games. Perform better segmentation of your players and increase their loyalty with our AI. Their talk is your roadmap for success.

Real-time player insights that move the needle.

We gather real-time data from your players' feedback, conversations and comments internally and from all over the web and and provide you with valuable insights so that you always stay on top of your games and players. Fast data collection and analysis from where your players are talking about you is what we excel in. With our fast and accurate alerts and reports, you can quickly react to feedback, fix tech and design problems in very short times, keep a high brand reputation and maintain your gamers' loyalty. 

Affogata's unique solutions for gaming studios.