User feedback analysis that help you make better product decisions.

Your clients trust you to handle their money. Tracking, monitoring and analyzing their feedback is key to your success.

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Safeguard your service with our data.

Customer feedback is key even more so in the digital age! Your clients let you transfer their money, invest it in a variety of channels or use it for insurance and banking services. They trust you to safeguard it with your platform. But one factor has not changed in the digital age: the importance of their feedback. Although no longer a face-to-face exchange, their reactions, conversations, and complaints are crucial for you to track, monitor, and analyze from everywhere on the web. This is where Affogata steps in.

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Winning Fintech with Affogata. Our unique solutions.


Real-time feedback collection and analysis from everywhere on the web.

Follow whatever your clients say about your products and services and never miss a mention. React in real-time to their comments from multiple platforms, then track and analyze how they rate and criticize you. Their feedback is your roadmap for improvement.


Follow the trends and talk of your clients regarding money, investments, and stocks.

What is the hottest stock everyone is asking about? What do they say about your latest money-transfer feature design? Affogata makes sure you don't miss the latest money talk. Be it a social media response or a conversation on a Reddit forum, we track and analyze perceptions and sentiment around every topic so that you always stay on top of things.


Quickly discover potential problems with your service for better crisis management.

A public relations crisis can become more sensitive to handle when dealing with people's money. Affogata aims to assist in preventing such crises and discover any problem quickly enough. Our tracking and analysis data will focus your business on the actual core issues of the problem and help you improve your brand reputation.


Analyze what your competitors are doing and how their clients are reacting.

Money markets are very dynamic. Your rivals constantly try to improve their methods of educating their customers with regards to the investment world or aim to offer better features and services. Affogata makes sure you follow what they do and monitor how their clients respond to such moves to make better product decisions.

Grow your product and improve your services with Affogata.


Choose your next move based on what your clients say and want.

Without Affogata

When you lack a comprehensive data analysis of what your clients say about your product, you may have a hard time deciding on your next business move.

With Affogata

Our sentiment analysis and other data collection features will enable you to make actionable insights regarding your product.


Manage all of your customers' complaints in real-time from one platform.

Without Affogata

You may be able to cover some complaints from some of the platforms but may miss on other important critical remarks appearing on other communities.

With Affogata

Never miss a mention and manage in real-time all of your responses to each and every complaint from any platform all in one place.


When the market crashes, our data will help you adjust better and fix things quicker.

Without Affogata

Should a crisis arise, you may miss the action and responses occurring at some of the platforms.

With Affogata

When a crisis occurs, our platform immediately shows you how your clients respond from everywhere on the net, enabling you to better handle the situation.


Get our reports and analysis plus our amazing CS team can help too!

Without Affogata

Your data and analysis may not be complete and important information may be waiting for you in places you do not cover.

With Affogata

Our platform issues comprehensive insights while our attentive Customer Success team is always ready to help you understand the data better for future decisions.