Affogata works for Fintech companies.

Join the customer-centric revolution.

Gone are the days of street branches and marble floors. Empathy, service and agility wins.

Affogata allows you to connect to your customers and respond to market trends, in real time.

Play the community game instead of the commodity game.

While it's easy to differentiate yourself with low prices and offers, the price wars don't usually guarantee loyalty.

With Affogata, you can cater to the specific communities you care most about: by interest, geo, or age, and speak to them in a language that differentiates you from the rest.

Add sentiment to your metrics and LTV data.

With millions of online customers and mountains of attribution data, growth teams still need to balance between the numbers and voice of the customer.

With Affogata, your teams can analyze sentiment data and mesh it with usage metrics for a qualitative, as well as sentiment perception.

Crisis management

Don’t get caught off guard - predict, assess and manage any communications crisis, and turn it into opportunity​.

User trends

Surface user voice and popular demand into your product road map​.

Customer support

Address customer complaints at scale in real time on social, and analyze key issues, from Twitter to Zendesk to app stores​.

Competitive intelligence

With small margins, aggressive investor expectations and a rapidly growing market, Affogata allows you to keep a close eye on your top competitors

Community management

Tune into your community by collecting their verbal feedback and distill it into insights you can act on.

In Fintech, the power is now with the 99%

Challenger fintechs promise to take customer satisfaction and service to a new level. Listening and understanding your users is key.

Adopt a unique voice and watch the ripples.

Whether you are an insurance company set to break the old ways of the establishment companies or you’re out to make stock trading available to GenZ - unless it ripples, your message has no impact.

Affogata’s Brand Monitoring capability allows you to carefully watch how your reputation, messages and brand are received on social channels and online, to constantly assess if your unique voice is heard.

Marketing and communications managers

Make sure your social media and brand are not contaminated by trolls and haters.

Community leaders

Connect with your top clients - spot influencers and your next brand ambassadors.

Growth managers

Keep an eye on top trends and make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Affogata fits every role.