Real-time customer feedback analysis.

Your customers buy your products. Then they voice their opinions about them. Manage their feedback and turn it into better product decisions.

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Let your customers’ voice guide your decisions.

Your clients buy your products and they expect top-notch value from you. Their feedback on new or existing products is crucial for you to track, monitor and analyze so you can react and better plan your product roadmap.

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Get to really know your customers. Our unique solutions.


Fast real-time feedback collection and analysis from everywhere on the web.

Follow whatever your clients say about your products in our all-in-one-place platform. This is your new big real-time focus group tool. Understand their needs and wants based on their direct and indirect mentions on the open web, then react to their feedback and improve your service. Their feedback is your roadmap for improvement.


Improve your brand sentiment and reputation.

Establish a proactive approach to your brand reputation by performing our brand sentiment analysis. Prioritize and resolve your problem areas first. Reducing the amount of complaints will improve your brand reputation.


Quickly discover potential service problems for a better crisis management.

Prevent and mitigate PR and brand reputation crises with our special alerts. Deep-dive into peaks of negative mentions to truly understand your problems so you can quickly react and correct what needs to be fixed.

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Analyze your competition and what their clients are saying.

Constantly test and benchmark yourself against your competition. See what their customers are talking about their products and analyze their products and brands' sentiments.

Improve your customers' experience with Affogata.


Choose your next move based on what your clients say and want.

Without Affogata

Lacking comprehensive data analysis of what your clients say about your product, you may have a hard time understanding what you need to fix and improve.

With Affogata

Our sentiment analysis and other data collection features enable you to make actionable insights regarding your product.


When a crisis erupts, our data will help you adjust better and fix things quicker.

Without Affogata

Should a crisis arise, you may miss the action and responses occurring at some of the platforms.

With Affogata

When a crisis erupts, our platform immediately shows you how your clients respond from everywhere on the net, enabling you to better handle the situation and move quickly to fix the problems.


Manage all of your customers' complaints in real-time from one platform.

Without Affogata

You may be able to cover some complaints from some of the platforms, but may miss on other important critical remarks appearing on other forums or websites.

With Affogata

Never miss a mention and manage in real-time all of your responses to each and every complaint from the open web in our all-in-one-place platform.


We offer reports and analysis. Our amazing CS team can help too!

Without Affogata

Your data and analysis may not be complete and important information may be waiting for you in places you do not cover.

With Affogata

Our platform supplies detailed real-time data reports. You can also receive our fantastic Customer Success team’s consultation for more insights on your data.