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Top 5 Dribbble game studios’ fan art

Oh games, games. You turn around a stone in the online world and there’s a new spot the games community has taken over and made it shine. Such is the case of Dribbble! We absolutely love finding unique and amazing designs and how fans demonstrate their love for games through art and design. So after going over tons of profiles we thought we’ll share some highlights with you.

Top 5 Dribbble game studios’ fan art

Game design is a complex and evolving art. We searched for the best Dribbble game studios’ fan art and this is our complete list of the top 5 Game Studios according to Dribbble fan art.

Dribbble is a community where designers can share their work and connect with others to help each other grow, learn, and get inspired. Moreover, it is a platform where fans can add their original touch to their favorite games’ designs (another form of player feedback perhaps?)


We love games and admire the following list of game studios, and we think that great game design can teach us about more than just pixel art and user experience.


1. Epic Games


Not only does Epic Games have by far the biggest community of fan art in Dribbble, but it also truly demonstrates how much fans love their games, especially games such as Fortnite. The fan art ranges from new posters of games to redesigning concepts. As a very competitive industry, it has to keep pushing itself to make the best games possible. It’s great to see Epic Games receive such incredible player feedback from their fans on how they can optimize their games design-wise.

Epic games

2. Nintendo


This is all about nostalgia. Who doesn’t remember the amazing times we had as kids playing Mario Kart on Nintendo64? And this nostalgia keeps players loyal to the brand and its amazing innovations, new games, and consoles. On this page, you can find everything from Pokemon Fanart to character redesigns and 3D diagrams.


3. Sega


Sega has a classic and long-lasting brand that is loved by fans of all ages. To show their love for the company, fans have created their own original content that transforms classic Sega games and characters into new forms of entertainment.


4. Riot Games


Since the creation of League of Legends, Riot Games has been setting new standards in the game world. Today you can find a large fan base of LoL players or Valorant players and other games, from all over the globe. Not only are these games popular, but also the studio – Riot Games. It is therefore no surprise that the official Dribble fan page contains some great artwork by their fans.

Riot Games

5. Bandai Namco


Another impressive fan art page is for the Japanese multinational game studio Bandai Namco. Its world-famous games such as Pacman, Tekken, and Dragon Ball are the best inspiration for fans to recreate the games and show their take on characters and design

Bandai namco

Fan creations are a great way for game studios to get feedback from their audience. Player-created content such as in-game mods and videos, art, and cosplay can help studios become better at their craft. They may also inspire new ideas or tools that were not previously thought of. When players are taken into account properly, the entire gaming experience becomes a more rewarding one, for everyone involved.