Itamar Rogel

The product-led growth and customer obsession connection

There’s lots of talk about what makes for “Product led growth” companies, but at the same token, similar attention should be given to “Customer obsessed” organizations. Or is it actually the same thing?


When reviewing the characteristics that make companies focus on their products for growth, lots of similarities show too for businesses that are obsessed about their customers. It seems that the two are interchangeable. Focusing on improving a company’s product, for its customers, relies a lot on the type of feedback customers give regarding that product. So when a company is considered to be a PLG business (Product-led growth), meaning that its entire team are aligned around its product as the greatest source for its scalable growth, it is safe to assume that such a business is obsessed with its customers.

The product-led growth and customer obsession connection

Characterizing “Product led growth” and customer obsession


The following characteristics show how connected “Product led growth” and “Customer obsession” are:


Focusing on the end-users


Product-led companies are all about solving customers’ pain points. So by focusing on product enhancements, they are actually focusing on their customers and doing all that they can (thus, obsessed) to make their customers happy.


Going viral via “word of mouth”


Many “Product led” companies encourage sharing within their product and that makes them grow as a result of “word of mouth”. Facebook, for example, encourages users to share their content or share other people’s content. That makes people want to use their platform more.

Then there is Calendly. If you book a meeting using somebody else’s Calendly link, you become a user through such a “Product led” model.


That way, the customer, and not only the product, is at the center of events. Inviting new users constantly to join in and providing them with the best possible product, indicates just how obsessed companies are with their consumers.


Deliver digital value quickly


Focusing on the excellence of products also means delivering value to customers asap. That means shortening the “time to value” fast and optimizing the onboarding process to the fullest. Companies may offer customers free trials so that they can engage with the product and do whatever it takes to let them start using it.


Such quick value propositions also help companies grow their customer base since it increases the chance of customers referring more clients to the product. Again we see that the two go hand in hand: Product led growth ties in with companies being obsessed with their customers.

Value first, then money


Offering product value to customers comes before charging them. Since the product is at the center, those “Product-led” organizations want customers to try it first and become comfortable using it. Their income comes either from advertising or from offering customers special paid features on top of the basic platform.


So such companies’ business model is to solve a customer pain point first and for free. Once the customer enjoys using the product, they can begin to think about charging him. Value solutions can take different shapes and forms, as companies try to market their product to a variety of different users. By increasing their customer base, they increase their advertising base too but also the chances that some of their clients will pay for the extra services.


Seamless sign-up process


Customers joining new services or products want to enroll fast and without burdensome formalities. So “Product led growth” companies make sure to offer a short and seamless sign-up process to new customers. The product sign-up is designed with the “customer obsession” in mind, as companies want consumers to join fast and start receiving value immediately.


Affogata offers customer feedback analysis for product-led growth companies


Affogata increases the bond between “Product led growth” companies, who are also customer-obsessed, and their customers. By tracking and analyzing customer feedback from all over the open web, companies receive in-minutes analysis of their consumer’s voice, so that they can take actionable insights and continue to improve their product offers.


The process of continuing to improve products and services goes through understanding your customer’s voice. Since consumers voice their opinion on many different platforms constantly, tracking and analyzing their collective voice can only be done via an AI-powered platform. Affogata also delivers companies with the real-time aggregate customer feedback data analysis of their competitors, enabling them to stay ahead in their markets.