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Meet Emina Cepalovic: Winner of February’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Affogata Player Insights Awards celebrate professionals who have taken a data-driven approach to enhancing their games through player feedback and who see the voice of the player as a crucial part of the development and optimization of games.


That’s why, Affogata has chosen Emina Cepalovic, Product Communications Manager at SciPlay, as the February Player Insights Champion Awards.


Meet Emina Cepalovic: Winner of February’s Player Insights Champion Award

Congratulations Emina! ⭐️👏 We did a short interview with Emina so you get to know her and her work better, and this is what she told us.


We first asked her to describe her job and to tell us a bit more about how her day to day is:


“My job as a product communications manager is really cool. I play the role of the player’s voice – which is a pretty important factor to consider in game development. What that looks like on a day-to-day basis varies quite a lot. The mobile gaming industry is extremely fast paced because there’s a constant high importance placed on product quality as we manage a 24-hour live game. So, every day is different than the previous one. However, something that always stays consistent is using a product like Affogata that helps us stay in the loop of what players are thinking and feeling about Jackpot Party every minute of the day. SciPlay emphasizes putting the player first with each of our games, the only way to do that is to keep an active ear and always listen to what our players are saying to ultimately provide them with the best player experience possible.”


Then we asked Emina how long has she been working on the player-facing field and what does she like about it?


“I have been in the player-facing field for the same amount of time I’ve been with SciPlay. So, it’s safe to say that I love it. One of the biggest reasons as to why I love it is capsulated in a speech from our founder, Aaron Schurman: “We may not be saving lives every day, but we create something that lets people escape from whatever battle they fought that day for a couple of minutes.” It’s this exact sentiment that motivates me to give my all every day.”


Are there any other professionals you particularly admire or learn from? Can you share who they are?


Absolutely! People from all over inspire me every day. Here at SciPlay, I work with some of the most talented hard-working individuals I’ve ever met. There is one particular woman who has been quite a force in my life: Dafna Ben-Onn, Director of Marketing & Monetization. Lucky for me she has also been my direct manager for 2+ years now. Dafna has inspired me to live and work by two directives: always be your most authentic self and always do what you’re most passionate about.


We asked Emina what’s the importance of Player Feedback for her role:


Player feedback is arguably one of the most important factors of my role. I monitor player feedback every day and I share that information with the other SciPlay team members who create the product these players love. In order to stand the test of time and be a sustainable product, it’s imperative that player feedback is factored in and listened to all the time. It is not a wonder then that Jackpot Party has been around for a decade plus – we welcome feedback, we value feedback, and we incorporate player feedback all the time!

Photo of Emina Cepalocic, Product Communications Manager at Sciplay

Then, we wanted to know more why does she need a tool like Affogata.


We’re in the era of efficiency. Affogata allows me to automate a portion of my job (data gathering) and make it 10000x faster. By doing that, I’m better at my job and I’m also able to do more with the time saved. I believe that any tech company should operate on a lean and efficient mentality, so I always advise people to use new tools that are designed for exactly that.

Photo of Emina Cepalocic, Product Communications Manager at Sciplay

What was your goal or the problem you were looking to solve with a player analytics platform?


The goal that I had when integrating Affogata into Jackpot Party’s product development process was simple: get player feedback to the product development team quicker. I’m happy to say we met that goal a while ago.


How do you measure success in your day to day?


I measure success by whether or not I was able to take the next necessary step toward meeting a new goal of attaining the best player experience possible.


As the winner of the February Player Insights Champion Award from Affogata, Emina Cepalovic not only receives the honor of being recognized for her efforts in using data and player feedback to improve her games and prioritize the needs of her players, but she also receives a meaningful and lasting prize. In her name, Affogata has planted 100 trees 🌳 to offset her eco-impact and will provide her with a certificate showing the positive impact of heractions.


Thank you, Emina, for your amazing work and inspiration to others in the industry 🚀