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Meet Cornelia Askvall: Winner of October’s Player Insights Champion Award

The Player Insights Champion Awards’ were designed by Affogata to recognize player facing leaders in our industry who have shown exceptional success in adopting player feedback analytics across their organizations.


This month we’re excited to award a player insights professional who truly understands and leverages the power of player feedback. We are happy to announce that Affogata has chosen Cornelia Askvall as its October’s “Player Insights Champion.”

Meet Cornelia Askvall: Winner of October’s Player Insights Champion Award
Cornelia Askvall, Senior Community Manager


So without further ado, let’s start with getting to know Cornelia by understanding her job and what her day-to-day looks like:

“My day-to-day job is a mix of talking directly to players and also communicating with game developers. One of my tasks is to ensure our players’ voices are heard both internally and externally by both talking to players and also listening more broadly to what players say across platforms.”


We asked Cornelia how long she has been working on the player-facing field and what she likes about it, and she answered:

“I started out working as a Community Manager, which is a very player-facing role, right after university. My original plan was to work in front-end development but then I encountered an internship ad for a Community Manager at a gaming company. I’d never heard of the role before, and as someone with a huge passion and love for video games, it sounded too good to be true. A job where you get to talk to other players, just like me, make sure their voices are heard, and be an integral part of the development process? Dream!


I applied for the internship and luckily got it, worked with a player-facing role for several years before trying a role more within marketing and acquisition. While acquisition is a lot of fun, I missed working directly with players, and here I am – back where I started, but now as a Senior Community Manager.”


Then we asked Cornelia if there are any other professionals she particularly admires or learns from and she shared this with us:

“Apart from my amazing team that inspires and motivates me each day, there are of course a lot of really amazing individuals in the Community Management field. A person who comes to mind is Oliver “OliverAge24″ He brought the game Fall Guys to success through excellent community management. He very generously published a Twitter thread on how he worked with Fall Guys which was incredibly inspiring.”

Next, we went for a crucial question which was about the importance of Player Feedback for Cornelia’s role:


We proceeded by asking Cornelia why she needs a tool like Affogata, and this is her answer:

“When working with player feedback, it’s easy to get very attached to individual player’s opinions and get caught up in the moment. A tool like Affogata is essential in order to quantify and get a high-level perspective on what players say across platforms. Are players really hating this new update, or is it just a few players being really loud on Twitter? How many mentions of this feature do we actually have, and what is the sentiment? When working with mainly qualitative feedback having a tool that helps you manage this in an effective way is crucial.”


And then we asked what was the situation before she started using our tool:

“In my previous work experience, I’ve always used tools similar to Affogata such as Brandwatch and Mediatoolkit. I think having some sort of tool to monitor and listen to mentions and posts across the board is necessary in order to work effectively with player feedback.


We continued asking what was Cornelia’s goal or the problem she was looking to solve with a player analytics platform:

“To more effectively be able to analyze player feedback, create reports, and get a high-level perspective on what players actually say.”


And how did it help her team reach the goal or solve the problem?

“Using Affogata, both saves me time when reporting on feedback and also makes sure players’ comments don’t go unnoticed.”


How did Cornelia measure success?

“Personally, I think the best way to measure success is if the reports on player feedback I send along to other internal teams spark questions or interest. If someone has follow-up questions or takes action on what I share with them, it means the information was valuable.”


Lastly, we asked her what was the impact on her personally and she made this last remark:


“Affogata has helped me do my job more effectively and gain more confidence that I correctly analyze player feedback and don’t miss out on important information.”


Besides eternal glory in the hall of fame of Affogata’s Player Insights Champion Awards, you might be wondering what the prize is. We wanted the prize to be meaningful and long-lasting, so we planted 100 trees 🌳 in Cornelia’s name and sent her a certificate showing exactly how her eco-impact is making a difference.


Thank you, Cornelia, and congratulations! Your work inspires us and many other pros out there🔥