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Each live decision has a consequence. Meet ‘Best Day Ever’

Ready to play the narrative of 4 characters, live their unique stories, and manage their lives to create their best day ever? In this narrative game, every decision you take has consequences and will change the outcome of each character and its story.

Each live decision has a consequence. Meet ‘Best Day Ever’

Affogata works with leading game studios helping them bring the voice of the player to the center of the organization. However, we also love indie game developers and the uniqueness of each game. We love the passion and creativity that goes into developing a game from scratch. That’s why we started this series ‘The Indie Spotlight’, to showcase the unique work of some of our favorite indie creators.


Meet ‘Best Day Ever’, a game in which your main objective is to make each character succeed in their lives such as winning a basketball championship, managing their social aspect, and even fighting society against homophobia and sexism. For example, you can be Emma for the day, a Manager in the food company BisKot. Emma provides quality work and doesn’t count her hours. However, she regularly receives sexist remarks from some of her peers and can no longer stand them. What would you do to make her ‘Best day ever’? Here we interviewed Pierre about the game and how they gather player feedback.

Best day ever

We started the interview by asking Pierre, one of the founders of ReRolled studio how he started his career in games:


“About me, my name is Pierre-Cédric Thomart, I started as a programmer in 2006 at Little Worlds Studio, then Lead Programmer at Bigpoint to finally found my own studio ReRolled in 2018 where I am President and Technical Director.”


How were ReRolled Studios born:


“ReRolled Studio was born around a common ambition: to create original and quality games, in accordance with certain principles.


Our team originally consists of four veterans of the video game industry that brought the Game Kingdom. We are now two developers, a game designer and a programmer.

We try to develop our games almost entirely internally (from Programming to Sound Design, but also Art, Design, and Quality Assurance), which allows us to master our creations at 360 degrees.


We are passionate about what we do, we want to mark our time with our productions, and we have an ethical approach in our operation and our approach to video games.


Define us as a team that, like a craftsman, creates with the love of the product and the respect of the player.”

Best day ever

We asked Pierre about “The Best Day Ever” game and how they collect player feedback to optimize the game:


“In terms of process, Best Day Ever was a small game, we could only playtest it internally and then we asked for feedback from our relatives. For our future game, we will need a QA company to test it. In any case, we try to get as much feedback as possible and once we get all the feedback, what we do is that we sort it out according to relevance, gain, and cost.”


A bit of background on the game:


Best Day Ever is a narrative game planned to be released on PC (June 7, 2021) and Nintendo Switch (July 2, 2021). Play as 4 characters, manage their daily life, and help them overcome their difficulties to create their best day ever.


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