Ready to X-Ray Your Customers?

Interested in new, deep insights on your customers, competition and how your brand is doing? 

Give us 20 minutes and we will show you:

  • Your brand Reputation Score:  what existing and potential customers think of you

  • Where you are lagging behind the competition, and where you are a clear winner

  • Which topics and trends to double down on, and which ones to leave as baits for the competition

  • How to deliver meaningful insights to all parts of the organization, and break the insights silos

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Affogata Provides these insights and more:

Brand Reputation of you and your top competitors

See a high-level view of how people value your brand and what they're saying about it - good or bad

Top statuses on your brand with sentiment analysis

Get the top posts and statuses that mentioned your brand. Get a feel for how your brand is perceived and a first indicator of any burning issues.

Top topics related to your brand and how people perceive them

Top topical terms related to your services, how many times they were mentioned, and what is the overall sentiment about them.

Delivering insights on 1B+ customers

As a CMO of a leading global brand with over 150M customers, I have to personally be aware of what people are saying about Wix and our competition on social media, and the web at large, every single day.

That's why I'm working closely with Affogata.

Omer Shai, CMO,