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Choose your plan and make games that win the market.

What Affogata can do for your studio.

Manage & monitor all internal and external player feedback data in one place.

Cut through the feedback noise with a proprietary search engine.

Track Live-Ops activities, new game releases and report performance.

Toxicity anomaly tracker & real-time alerts for community crisis prevention.

Community health rules,  automations, block bots and spam.

Anotations, taxonomy, alert and anomaly detection on custom topics.

Fernando Ferri

Communications Manager, Team Lead, Wildlife

"It can be challenging to narrow down all that noise to actionable and valuable feedback. Thanks to Affogata's robust search engines, we can create queries using keywords and other elements that allow us to generate reports based on the parameters set. That way, we can look for specific data on our channels. "

Plan includes:

  • Unlimited seats

  • One game

  • No competitors

  • Limited data sources


Our Affogata light package is perfect for those who are looking to get a taste of what player feedback can do for their games. With this package, you'll get access to basic player analytics & sentiment so you can make informed decisions about future updates and improvements.

Dario Quondamstefano

Community Manager, Wooga

"I need Affogata as much as lab scientists need their test tubes or detectives their magnifying glass. Affogata is vital in providing evidence for a claim. On a daily basis, much of the information we gather from our players is processed through our community managers’ sixth sense for “Player Vibes”. Vibes are an unofficial form of data which helps us bring about initial hypotheses."

Plan includes:

  • Unlimited seats

  • Unlimited games

  • Unlimited competitors

  • Unlimited data sources


Take your player experience to the next level with our Affogata pro package. Get access to advanced player analytics on your games and competitors, including detailed information on player behavior and engagement.

Every package starts off with a 30 day trial!

Risk-free. Quick and easy onboarding. 24/7 Customer Care.

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