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High expectations for Avatar 2: The Way of Water analyzed by Affogata

Fans have been patiently, but excitingly waiting for the release of the sequel of the highest-grossing movie of all times: Avatar. This year, we saw the reveal of Avatar 2: The way of water with an incredible first trailer and we can’t wait to watch it.

Avatar: The way of water is due to be released in December 2022, with an extremely long delay as it was supposedly going to be released back in 2015. There have already been several big announcements for the sequel, such as Kate Winslet joining the cast and the incredibly innovative technology the movie uses, such as submerging themselves in to film sequences that take place underwater. With so much expectation, fans have already been discussing extensively the sequel, commenting about their forecasts, the visually aesthetic trailer, and much more. Affogata analyzed all this feedback from the open web from May 1st to July 26th and came up with the following insights.

Since the release of the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water on May 9th, there has been continuous discussion regarding the new movie, with 21,633 mentions throughout the period under review. There were several peaks in the volume of mentions graph throughout this period. The first peak occurred on May 12th, with 1,285 mentions, resulting from the release of the trailer. Another small peak occurred on May 31st, with 319 mentions, following a tweet by Chinese singer, Renjun, promoting the movie. A third peak occurred on July 5th, with 800 mentions, following statements James Cameron made about critics of the length of the movie. A fourth peak can be seen on July 24th with 709 mentions, following the release of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer.

Fans’ feedback in the open web revolved around 4 main topics. The first one is regarding the cast of the movie itself. Discussion of the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water generated 1,019 mentions throughout the period under review. Mentions of Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet garnered 65.46% of total mentions about the cast during this period, while mentions of Vin Diesel amounted to only 0.09% of mentions referencing the cast. Fans are ecstatic about Kate Winslet joining the crew and several posts mentioned Kate Winslet training to hold her breath for the movie comparing her to a superhero.

A more negative topic regarding the upcoming film was about people feeling that this movie is copying previous films. Discussions about similar movies that preceded Avatar garnered 69 mentions throughout this period, with most referencing Pocahontas or the Smurfs. These posts tend to poke fun at the plot of Avatar, claiming it is very similar to previous creations as shown in some examples of mentions shown below, many comparing Avatar to Disney movies.

On another note, film fans expressed a lot of positive feedback and excitement towards the fact that both Avatar 2 and Wakanda forever will be released this year. Discussion referencing Avatar: The Way of Water alongside Black Panther: Wakanda Forever generated 500 mentions. These mentions originally spiked after the release of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer on July 24th. Many comments expressed excitement for both movies, while others compared the two and expressed a favorite.

Lastly, fans did not forget to mention the incredible visuals that are expected in this movie. Avatar 1 was released back in 2009 surprising the crowd with its incredible visuals and technological advancements and people are expecting a lot more from Avatar 2. Throughout the research period, mentions regarding the visuals of Avatar: The Way of Water garnered 439 mentions. Most mentions commented on the high quality of the graphics and the expectation to see the quality of the movies’ CGI - computer-generated imagery.

Clearly one of the most awaited movies of all time, we can’t wait to watch this film and check out what fans’ feedback will be after the release. Learn more about Affogata’s AI-driven customer feedback platform here.

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