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“Fair play” center of GDC, as companies must deal with players’ feedback

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Those of you heading to GDC this year, convening in San Francisco, will network with colleagues and friends from an industry that celebrated another record year. The gaming market in 2021 generated a little over $180 billion, an almost 1.5% increase over 2020. Awaiting you all will be lots of professional lectures, panels, and roundtable discussions covering various aspects of the industry, as well as gaming areas and exhibition booths. And for the first time, our own Affogata team will exhibit there too (a bit about that later).

As the gaming industry keeps booming, the importance of analyzing the players' feedback increases too. And among all topics of discussion, stands out a one-day summit that focuses on “Fair play” in the gaming world. “Safe and responsible gaming” consists of the companies’ challenge to make sure that each and every player in whatever game operates in a safe, harmless and inspiring environment.

Not an easy subject to deal with, but as more and more players enter the gaming world, there are growing concerns for their well-being. Companies must better plan and align themselves in light of players’ complaints regarding online harassment and bullying, which unfortunately penetrated the industry games, gaming forums, review boards, social media, and more. Oftentimes called Cyberbullying, such shaming and cursing may happen throughout the player’s journey, from comments about a game’s design to interactions between players. Presentations within this summit will offer frameworks for dealing with such issues.

Affogata, which tracks and analyses customer feedback 24/7, will exhibit for the first time over at GDC’s booth P1861 (come visit us or better yet, book a meeting with our team!). For gaming companies, some of which are already employing our services, the customer feedback data monitored and analyzed by our AI serves as a great help. Comments covering all aspects of gaming are collected 24/7 so that the companies which produce and market these games can turn the data for actionable insights.

Some of our platform’s features that can help the gaming companies address the “Fair Play” subject include:

  • Players’ complaints are grouped into categories in order to sort and prioritize them. This enables the companies to constantly learn what are the major problem areas for them to deal with.

  • Tracking specific comments all over the open web can also help companies in tracking problematic players who use foul language and trash-talk in order to bully their rivals. They may consider taking actions against such players, from setting “fair play” rules in advance and all the way to warning trouble-making players from using inadequate words.

  • Learning how players react to “Fair play” rules in advance and through the games themselves, which can lead companies to improve their game designs and settings.

  • And resulting from those previous lessons learned and actions taken, companies can follow how their “Brand sentiment score” changes, as players keep voicing their opinions and may opt to continue to play in safer ecosystems.

We would love to show you a lot more of our platform’s benefits and discuss how it can work for you and your teammates (and yes, it is cross-organizational!). Our Affogata team is exhibiting at booth # P1861. See you there!

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