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Affogata meets GDC!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

At Affogata, we’re getting ready to attend the Game Developers Conference (aka GDC), one of the world’s biggest gaming conferences! After two years of Zoom meetings and virtual conferences, an in-person conference is noteworthy in itself, but to be exhibiting at the GDC makes it even more exciting.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the solutions Affogata has to help gaming companies solve the issues they are facing:

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1. Real-time player feedback

The problem:

Gaming companies are constantly releasing new games, features, characters, tokens, and more. They need to know how their audience is reacting in real-time: is the latest update boosting stickiness, or provoking churn? Are players interested in the new feature, or turned off by it? Have bugs or usability problems crept into the system?

The solution:

Affogata gathers and analyzes player feedback in real-time, creating alerts about any negative feedback so you can fix bugs and adjust UX as fast as possible.

2. Keeping ahead of trends

The problem:

You need to predict the next top game, stay informed about gaming trends, and build product roadmaps, but that’s challenging without the correct data or a single source of truth.

The solution:

Affogata’s cross-organizational platform harvests data from across the open web and internal forums, and structures it into topics and keywords so you can track trends and customer voice at a glance. With Affogata, gaming companies can make product decisions about new features and games based on players' true needs and desires.

3. Verifying the MVP

The problem:

It costs a lot of time and money to build a new game/feature, so many companies begin with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the waters. But confirming how players respond to it requires plenty of both qualitative and quantitative data, which can often be locked away in different corners of the web, or require a lot of time to gather and analyze it.

The solution:

Affogata brings together data from every direction, including focus groups, niche channels like Vanilla Forums and Discord, user testing feedback, and social media networks like Reddit, automatically distilling insights that reveal what players really say about your game behind closed doors.

4. Tracking brand reputation

The problem:

In order to understand how likable a game is and discover how to improve it, gaming companies need insight into the game’s brand reputation, which is notoriously tough to discover.

The solution:

Affogata’s brand reputation score and brand sentiment analysis allow you to track peaks in negative and positive sentiment across channels, understand what’s driving these attitudes, and act to correct negative sentiment and strengthen positive feelings.

5. Strengthening player loyalty

The problem:

Your VIP customers are the ones who drive the most revenue, so it’s important to keep them happy. That requires you to jump to correct bugs, fix impossible levels, and resolve other issues that affect their user experience.

The solution:

Affogata tracks individual player voices and alerts you as soon as it detects negative reactions, so you can address issues swiftly before they grow significant enough to drive players away. In fact, you’ll be able to fix problems before most players even realize they exist!

How can Affogata help you?

We’re looking forward to meeting the gaming world’s leading new and established players at the GDC, and sharing ways that our customer intelligence and analytics solution can help resolve some of the gaming industry’s major pain points. Come meet us at booth # P186.

If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting, get in touch with us.

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