Real-time user feedback analysis that wins the market.

Whenever digital insurance actions take place, customers react to their experiences on the open web. Our analysis of their feedback will give you the power to improve your service.

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Understanding your customers' feedback is crucial.

In this transitional phase, when your clients are still getting used to operating their insurance packages digitally, tracking and analyzing your customers’ feedback is a must. Affogata’s AI gathers millions of data points from the open web, turning them into comprehensive real-time data analysis, enabling you with insights for improving your product and service.

Improve your Insurtech roadmap with Affogata. Our unique solutions.


Feedback monitoring makes your products better.

Your customers react to your products on different channels, including your own website, in Forums such as Reddit, review sites and on social media platforms. Our AI gathers all direct and indirect online conversations in real time on an all-in-one platform, enabling you to structure your data, analyze it and improve your product.

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Digital Insurance features yield trends and discussions.

Are your digital platform features organized in a proper manner? Does the home, car or health insurance packages present all of the necessary details and in the simplest possible way? You can rely on our platform to always let you in on what your customers are saying about you.


Our special alerts enable you to fix problems quickly.

As so often happens, you may notice a surge in negative conversations about your product. Affogata will alert you, so you can see where those mentions are coming from and tackle them in real time.


Follow your competitors by tracking what their customers say about them.

etech is a dynamic industry with tough competitors. The Affogata Platform tracks open-web conversations, so that you can follow what your rivals are up to and how their actions are reflected in what their customers write about them. We help you gain better perspectives on your competitors so you never miss out on your challenges and opportunities.

Affogata's user insights solutions are here for you.


Your customers react so that you better understand their experiences, needs and wants.

Without Affogata

No tracking and monitoring of your customers' feedback will make it more difficult for you to plan your next business decisions.

With Affogata

Our alerts and reports enable you to know exactly how your products and services perform and what it takes to improve them.


Negative responses may create a crisis. Avoid it with our alerts or manage it with our direction and help.

Without Affogata

In times of a crisis, you may lack feedback data that can be crucial for your decisions and action.

With Affogata

Manage a crisis better. Make sure negative reactions are turned into useful insights for a better customer experience.


Constant real-time feedback collection, analysis and recommendations.

Without Affogata

Your customers react on various channels and forums. You may find their feedback in some places but miss out completely on others.

With Affogata

Our vast integrations from the open web deliver real-time and ongoing collection and analysis of all feedback in one place.


Innovate better products using our analysis and reports.

Without Affogata

Your data and analysis may not be complete. As a result, you may miss future opportunities for better products and services.

With Affogata

By gathering feedback from the open web, your company learns where the industry is headed. Our analysis enables you to develop your next innovative products and offerings.