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Affogata’s Player Insights Platform provides full launch & post-launch visibility to the

product team for player experience optimization.

Leading gaming company fixes real-time UX/UI product issues by analyzing player customer feedback.




In March 2021, a world-leading gaming company released a new game to the market and then utilized Affogata's Product Enablement platform to analyze how its customers reacted to the launch and the post-launch stages. Affogata's AI tracked and analyzed the customers' main topics of conversation from the open web and enabled the company to improve the product in real-time as well as earn gains in its player experience and brand sentiment. 

Affogata's Product Enablement platform helped resolve three main challenges for the company. As a result, the company managed to overcome many technical bugs, improve its product features and maintain a high brand sentiment.

Challenge: product acceptance, bugs and overall usability


The gaming company was looking to find out how players accepted and perceived its new game, in its launch and post-launch periods. In addition, as bugs and game defects were discovered immediately after the launch, the company wanted to learn how players experienced them and how they reacted to the immediate fixes and game improvements. Finally, players also had a lot to say about the game’s several features and their usability and the company needed to assess those comments too.

Action: employing Affogata’s Player Insights platform for quick and accurate actionable insights


In preparation for the game’s launch, the company employed Affogata for tracking and analyzing high-volume customer feedback from many different digital forums, review boards, social media platforms and more. Affogata then structured those many comments into specific analytic action items, and the company was able to prioritize and act on each of them. 



All of the three challenges resulted in major improvements for the company, thanks to the fast collection and analysis of customer feedback by Affogata. Positive product acceptance results were recorded, as launch bugs and issues were quickly located and fixed. This resulted in a major reduction in players’ complaints, thus contributing to a good sentiment score and higher gamers satisfaction. 

Finally, players also shared their thoughts and feelings about various usability issues. This area’s results showed that the company had more work to do in order to satisfy players’ concerns more fully. However, an overall positive brand sentiment score indicated that players’ game experiences were generally good. 

Post-launch bugs were treated the same way, thus ensuring a safe and smooth game run. The company's product team gained more insights from the data collected and analyzed by Affogata.



Affogata's real-time player feedback collection and analysis aided the company's successful launch, and then post-launch, of its new game. Problem areas, as reported by the company's early players, resulted in deep analysis and evaluation by Affogata’s AI. 

The company's product team could then enjoy the successes of the game improvements it created as well as knowing what are the problem areas yet to be fully resolved. 

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