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Access the power of your player community feedback.

It's easy! You can now gain free access to a universe of data about your games, your competitor games, other studios... you name it!

Once you submit, our team will create your own user and environment and send you access.



Affogata helps our studio to back up theories or thesis regarding features in our game. Ever since starting to use Affogata's platform, we have been able to find more accuracy in the feedback collected. It has also made my job easier, by communicating to our teams what players are saying and drilling down on what they are experiencing.



Affogata as a product allows for a lot of granularity, really allowing you to zoom in on the roots of the overall sentiment score! It's also backed up by a great team who have been immensely supportive. I'm using Affogata to get data-driven quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insights for our product teams. It now forms the core of our sentiment analysis.


King games

Our games are so big that obviously, the conversations around our games are equally massive. [...] Affogata allows us to filter that [noise] out, and compile different channels. [...] With Affogata, we're able to compile different messages and then at the same time use the different filtering tools to make sure the quality of the messages connects well with what we are trying to bring back to the Studios [the feedback]. 



About 2 weeks ago, we decided to do a product change and one of the group leaders asked 'why we wanted to change it' and I actually used Affogata to search for the specific word. [...] I got to some of the threads and saw how users implemented the feature on their own [...]. So I actually started copying and pasting the links to the posts, sending them to the group leader showing what users actually want.



Affogata is one of the few tools we've found in the market that actually provides insights into Discord & Facebook Groups. Several features make it easy to look into specific topics and understand what's the sentiment around them. The ability to create alerts is incredibly useful.  It helped us get rid of some biases regarding our users' sentiment towards specific topics.

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