Affogata works for Consumer Goods and D2C companies.

Step outside the supply & demand mindset.

Marketplaces are built on the two-sided networks model, but with supply & demand that can be replicated or acquired, it’s loyalty that counts.

Affogata helps community managers tune into their buyers and sellers’ minds, inhabit their feedback, spot missing requirements - and adjust in real time.

Winner takes all, so make sure it's you.

Marketplaces act in a very cruel way... there can only be one winner. That’s why it’s essential to be the category leader to win supply and demand inventories. 

With Affogata, you can be one step ahead of the competitors by identifying prominent topics, key trends and analyzing reviews across the web, to make sure you’re set for what’s to come.

Draw a clear line between user sentiment and LTV.

With millions of online customers and attribution points, and hundreds of services, growth and marketing teams struggle to balance between the bottom line, features and voice of the customer. 

With Affogata, your teams can analyze sentiment data and pull extracted data for further analysis by other support systems, such as BI and analytics.

Reputation management

Constantly monitor your brand and mitigate specific complaints online and in user communities.

Trends and keywords

Use Affogata to spot key trends around your brand and social channels.

Customer support

Address customer inquiries on social channels and gain valuable sentiment and insights from internal CX systems like Zendesk.

Suppliers management

Understand what makes your top sellers outperform the rest in the utmost granularity.

Community management

Tune into your community by collecting their verbal feedback and distill it into insights you can act on.

From gig economy to now-in-a-relationship economy.

In the marketplace and gig economy game, those with loyal communities will win.

Amplify and celebrate your top suppliers.

You are a mediator of both supply and demand. However, you’re only as strong as your top sellers.

With Affogata, you can get into the why of specific sellers and rankings, using the words and sentiment of your end customers to generate insights for principles and guidelines.

Marketing and communications managers

Make sure your social media and brand are not contaminated by trolls and haters.

Community leaders

Connect with your top clients - spot influencers and your next brand ambassadors.

Growth managers

Keep an eye on top trends and make sure you’re ahead of the curve.

Affogata fits every role.