Affogata works for Consumer Goods and D2C companies.

From A-list presenters to micro-influencers.

Until a few years ago, you could have one big presenter and call it a day. Today, consumers are flocking after local community and group leaders for their choice of brand.

With Affogata, you can track and support multilingual and multi-geo communities, so you always know who’s talking about you.

The big picture is constantly changing.

Focus groups are no longer the go-to for analyzing sentiment or brand perception and surveys are expensive and biased by design. Today, people rage and praise on online review sites, through social media posts and in app stores.

Affogata allows you to be present nearly everywhere your brand is mentioned to build a coherent, comprehensive picture of your brand.

Are you ready for your next crisis?

In a world where a single thread or hashtag on social networks can spiral a crisis, you need to make sure your monitoring is constantly turned on.

With the Affogata sentiment and NLP engine, you never miss a mention. Your radar is always open on all social channels and customer-facing CX systems, so you can catch every wave before it turns into a tsunami.

Competitive intelligence

See how your competitors perform and learn their community preferences.

Trends and keywords

Use Affogata to spot key trends around your brand and social channels.

Customer support

Interact with your customers and community across all channels,  from social to Internal CX, and complement NPS and CAST metrics with sentiment data.

Brand reputation management

Set specific keywords and terms, and collect feedback from your community in real-time.

Influencer management

Connect Zendesk, Wix Answers and Vanilla forums to compliment your social channels.

Ad moderation

Gamers have unique jargon, while popular games can have generic names. Affogata’s advanced NLP captures and makes sense of this unique language.

From broadcasting to user voice, the power is now with consumers.

While the PCG and D2C space is expected to grow rapidly, it’s customer loyalty that’s shifting - from cash register data to likes and online sentiment.

Your customer service is public.

Consumers no longer bother to call your 1-800 number or just rant to a few friends. Instead, every time you fail to deliver superior service, it’s out there on your Twitter page for all the world to see.

Affogata allows you to manage your social interactions with a ticket-like interface so every comment and mention can be tagged, assigned to the relevant team, and marked for follow up. 

Brand and commercial managers

Listen to the voice of the crowd; spot trends and your next opportunities.

Community leaders

Connect with your community everywhere they are; spot influencers and delight buyers.

Communication managers

Add a layer of sentiment to your conversion and usage metrics.

Affogata fits every role.