the pioneer in customer insights 

Affogata (previously Communit360) was founded with the mission of enabling organizations to leverage the power of Open Big Data to serve their customers better, and to engage better with their customers and the  ecosystem around them.

Developed out of years of experience helping businesses grow, engage and manage their online brand, Affogata’s 

product is unique in distilling insights that  are relevant throughout the organization and delivering them to the right stakeholders.

We're building a platform for acquiring, managing and running processes over “open big data” in the organization serving Support, Product, Corp Dev, and Strategy teams in the brands we are working with.


At the core of our platform is an array of algorithms that build on the state-of-the-art in NLP and AI and extend it with proprietary methods validated on millions of items in different verticals (performance marketing, brand marketing, crypto, finance, politics…). This enables Affogata to identify narratives, anomalies and trends, surface bots and bot networks, and deduce the impact of narratives and users on the public discourse.

 The Team

 Sharel Omer


 Ran Margaliot


 Itamar Rogel


 It’s time to upgrade from social listening to

customer intelligence